Tarong Power Station delivery of 237T Power Transformer


July 2021 began with the culmination of almost a years planning to deliver Tarongs new 237T Power Transformer manufactured by GE and measuring 9.8mL x 5mW x 4.4mH from Brisbane Wharf to Tarong.

Our Permits Team administrated Overheads scopes, transport route surveys, freeway closure for contra flow and many other authorities to finalise the Permit just weeks before travel.

ODLS mobilised 4 semis of transport components and 24 axles of platform trailers from Melbourne to build the Beam Set configuration within the Brisbane Wharf precinct.

On completion and once loaded, the overall transport dimensions including vehicles was 140mL x 5.8mW x 5.2mH and 552T.

The Transformer was received from heavy lift vessel and transported to the Brisbane Modal Terminal for staging prior to departure two days later.

The Superload journey began with two night-time legs to Oakey, where our most experienced drivers navigated the first load of this size through the new Toowoomba range crossing (bypass) – at times having up to 6 vehicles attached to the load.

The final leg Oakey to Tarong was carried out in the early morning to arrive on site for the unload process.

Offering a complete solution ODLS also mobilised our 450T Skid System and track to position the transformer 125m from a temporary location where partial assembly was carried out.

During this phase, the ODLS team removed the existing 340T Transformer to allow access to install the new transformer.

The partially built new Transformer weighing in at a massive 380T was then moved to final location.