Buronga Energy Connect Project: Revolutionising Australia’s clean energy future

Buronga Energy Connect Project Revolutionizing Australia's Clean Energy Future

At a glance

  • ODLS, a provider of Heavy Haulage Transport services, is playing a pivotal role in delivering five three-part Hyosung transformers for the project.
  • The transportation of these oversized transformers requires careful planning and collaboration with local councils for permits, spanning approximately six months.
  • ODLS successfully managed the challenges of international shipping, rescheduling bookings, and ensuring stakeholders were kept informed throughout the process.


The Buronga Energy Connect Project, spearheaded by Energy Connect, marks a significant milestone in Australia’s pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. With an estimated budget of $1.8 billion, this ambitious venture aims to establish a connection between New South Wales (NSW), South Australia, and Victoria, enabling the seamless sharing of energy resources across state borders. Moreover, it paves the way for the integration of new renewable generation sources, playing a crucial role in supporting the nation’s clean energy future.


Unleashing the Power of ODLS Heavy Haulage Transport:


In this monumental undertaking, ODLS, a renowned provider of Heavy Haulage Transport services, has risen to the occasion by supplying essential equipment and ensuring the smooth execution of critical operations. Over the course of the next year, ODLS will deliver five three-part Hyosung transformers, each comprising a 203T Series unit, a 170T Excitor, and an 80T Reactor. The magnitude of this transportation endeavour necessitates meticulous planning and coordination, considering the technical aspects involved in traversing various jurisdictions.


Navigating Permits and Collaborating with Councils:


Securing permits for such oversized transits is a complex process, often involving close collaboration with local councils. In the case of the Buronga Energy Connect Project, the permit phase alone spanned approximately six months, with council authorities heavily involved in reviewing and addressing the technical intricacies of transportation through their jurisdictions. This cooperative effort ensures that all necessary precautions are taken to mitigate any potential risks associated with the transportation of these critical components.


The Challenge of International Shipping and Rescheduling:


ODLS has demonstrated its prowess in overcoming challenges posed by international shipping logistics. This includes skillfully rescheduling numerous third-party bookings to accommodate changing vessel arrival dates while ensuring that key stakeholders are kept fully informed throughout the process.



Commencing in May 2023, the deliveries from Inner Harbour Port Adelaide involved a period of staging at the wharf before embarking on an approximately 850-kilometre journey to the final destination in Buronga. A testament to ODLS’s commitment to excellence, the 203T Units alone spent nearly three days on the road, adhering to the approved route via Broken Hill and Silver City Highway.


A Collaborative Convoy of Support


To ensure the safe and successful transportation of the transformers, the convoy was bolstered by a range of additional support services. On-road Overdimensional escorts, comprising two in South Australia and four in New South Wales, played a vital role in guiding the convoy through various regions. Police Escorts, both in South Australia and New South Wales, provided added security and ensured the smooth flow of traffic. Moreover, the project necessitated the involvement of overhead power and railway supervision teams in both states. Temporary removal of road furniture and occasional periods of contraflow travel, carefully managed under police control, further facilitated the seamless passage of the convoy.


A Stellar Outcome


Thanks to the unwavering dedication and expertise of ODLS’s experienced and highly competent operators, the deliveries were executed flawlessly and adhered to the predetermined schedule. The successful completion of this intricate transportation task serves as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the ODLS team, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional results even in the face of formidable challenges.



To provide a comprehensive overview of the Buronga Energy Connect Project and its significance, we encourage readers to explore the insightful preview article by 9News. This external resource offers a broader perspective on the project, delving into the various aspects of this pioneering initiative.



The Buronga Energy Connect Project represents a remarkable step forward in Australia’s clean energy transition. Through the diligent efforts of Energy Connect and the invaluable support of ODLS’s Heavy Haulage Transport services, the project’s objectives of interconnecting NSW, South Australia, and Victoria, and facilitating the integration of renewable generation, are being realised. As this groundbreaking endeavour continues to unfold, it is evident that the Buronga Energy Connect Project will shape the nation’s energy landscape, fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious future for generations to come.

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