Superload Beam Set Transport


Superload Beam Set Transport

ODLS have specialist expertise in the niche service of Superloads and Beam Set transport (also referred to as Girder Sets). 

As a general guideline, Power generation equipment over 4.3m high and over 200T may require the use of a beam set configuration. This is dependant on geographic location and individual Road Authority analysis.

The East coast of Australia have more limitations to height, width, length and weight and have been the location of the majority of these configurations.

Our business provides an end-to-end solution from the planning and analysis through to the full operational fleet to transport and build the beam set configuration. Our Company Drivers are confident and experienced in this work for all weather and terrain conditions across all parts of Australia.

We are one of few 100% Australian owned and operated businesses in this industry and in a low volume environment, can boast administrational and operational experience of over 20 loads in the last 10 years.

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Superload Beam Set Transport

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Vicroads certified

The majority of ODLS personnel are VicRoads certified Superloads Beam Set transport and we can provide Superloads Beam Set transport who are certified in all states.

Vehicle selection

We have a selection of fully equipped diesel or gas and petrol powered utilitys, 4WD, station wagons and sedans.

Standards compliance

All of our vehicles are fully in compliance with the Australian standards.

Always reliable

All of our vehicles are maintained regularly to ensure reliable operation and to make sure our schedule is always kept.

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