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ODLS provide Cranage Services Melbourne & Australia wide. We can provide up to 200T mobile cranes and we have experienced, dedicated staff to manage requirements. Our company has the advantage of being able to offer a complete package in oversized transport including load/unload. This is an attractive opportunity for customers to reduce their exposure to delays by using the same supplier for                  transport and cranage.

Our 200T crane configuration is one of only 2 in Victoria, allowing for additional reach with fly jib.

We offer custom solutions to your lifting needs and our operators are ESI trained for work within live electrical substations and RIW trained for the rail corridor.

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a truck carry a heavy construction vehicle on its trailer


Our company origins in the concrete industry with presence all over Australia and Tasmania have lead to our involvement in almost every major construction project in Melbourne …



ODLS spacious yard and recent acquisition of adjacent property gives us the ability to store and handle the items we move. We currently have 46 Transformers from 20T – 150T stored …



ODLS’s entrepreneurial approach to solving even the most complex transport issues has come about through 40 years experience in over dimensional transport throughout Australia …

Jacking & Skating Services

Why Choose Us

Alternative to Cranes

An ideal alternative to mobile cranes where access for a mobile crane can be difficult or even impossible.

Any Weight

We have the capability, expertise and equipment to jack and skate items from 1T to 500T

Maximum Flexibility

Competitive for a 65-85T lift and as weights increase, they become the more time effective and less expensive option.

Trailer Loading

Our system is a one stop shop with the capability for a 200 tonne lift and the ability to set down the load directly onto a trailer.

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    ODLS is a reliable service provider in heavy lift & relocation solutions across Australia

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    What Makes a Heavy Haulage Project Different From Regular Haulage - ODLS
    At a glance

    • Heavy haulage projects involve transporting oversized or overweight loads, requiring specialised equipment such as multi-axle trailers and hydraulic transporters.

    • Meticulous route planning is essential, considering factors like low bridges, weight restrictions, and road conditions to ensure safe transportation.

    • Compliance with permits and regulations is crucial to avoid costly delays, fines, and legal repercussions in heavy haulage projects.

    • Safety and risk management are paramount, demanding rigorous assessments and adherence to protocols to protect personnel, cargo, and infrastructure.

    Exploring Risk Management 5 Factors to Address with Your Heavy Haulage Company
    At a glance

    • Optimise movement through Melbourne with strategic route planning to enhance efficiency and minimise risks.

    • Ensure a reliable fleet with proactive maintenance, safeguarding cargo and maintaining transportation network integrity.

    • Excel in emergencies—swift response, minimising damages, and ensuring cargo arrives intact despite unexpected challenges.

    • Choose a partner with expertise in heavy lifting for the safe and secure relocation of oversized or fragile loads.