Trusted with over 40 years of Specialised Transport Services in Australia

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We specialise in heavy & overdimensional cargo, including transport, lifting etc


With parent companies established more than 40 years ago, ODLS have worked on every major industrial project in Victoria.

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ODLS has been involved in many major industrial project in Victoria and around Australia.

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ODLS boasts a modern and specialised fleet to meet customer requirements

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Established with over 40 years experience

ODLS Services

Crane semis, crane trays

ODLS operates several specialised vehicle mounted cranes of capacity up to 85t/m, with experienced staff to safely carry out tasks ranging from loading of helicopters through to Transformer accessory installation/removals

General transport

ODLS owns a wide variety of semi trailers, extendable trailers, drop deck trailers & rigids. ODLS owns a wide variety of semi trailers, extendable trailers, drop deck trailers & rigids

Heavy & overdimensional haulage

ODLS have a fleet of specialised heavy haul prime movers up to 250T rated with associated trailers and equipment capable of up to 400T payload.

All terraine telehandlers (Manitou) up to 12T

ODLS operates and dry hires a fleet of 4T-12T Manitou telehandlers with a variety of attachments to suit your requirements

Site plant & equipment

ODLS has invested in a range of site plant and equipment to support access, weight distribution, staging and site works. These include a range of steel plates up to 32mm thick, 50-300T stands, high pressure washers, generators, support and bridging beams.

Beamset / superloads

ODLS have the in-house expert staff & experience to manage Beamset/Superload projects Australia wide

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The Heavies of,

Heavy Haulage

We are a market leader in covering all aspects of large and challenging transport loads.

Overdimensional Lift & Shift

Our Logistic News

What Makes a Heavy Haulage Project Different From Regular Haulage - ODLS
At a glance

  • Heavy haulage projects involve transporting oversized or overweight loads, requiring specialised equipment such as multi-axle trailers and hydraulic transporters.

  • Meticulous route planning is essential, considering factors like low bridges, weight restrictions, and road conditions to ensure safe transportation.

  • Compliance with permits and regulations is crucial to avoid costly delays, fines, and legal repercussions in heavy haulage projects.

  • Safety and risk management are paramount, demanding rigorous assessments and adherence to protocols to protect personnel, cargo, and infrastructure.