220T Synchronous Condenser Delivery Dec 2021


Synchronous Condenser 6.25m/L x 5.13m/W x 4.332m/H at 220T was manufactured by GE in the UK.

The permitting process involved Travel Route Survey and Power overheads structures analysis in SA & VIC

ODLS mobilised 16 axles of platform trailers from Melbourne to Port of Adelaide and built a full 16 axle platform trailer within the Port area.

After receiving the load from a heavy lift vessel, overall dimensions & weight came in at 60mL x 5.3mW x 5.5mH and 361T gross. This Superload travelled with up to 3 trucks, 3 police escorts, 2 Pilots, SA power, Powercor and required Supervised Rail Crossings.

The transit involved 3 days on road for the approximately 700km journey from Port Adelaide via Kingston on Murray to Bordertown and onto Murra Warra.

It was then installed into the expansion of the Murra Warra Terminal Substation, enabling even flow of the local wind & solar power into the grid.