Heavy Transport

ODLS’s entrepreneurial approach to solving even the most complex & heavy transport issues has come about through 40 years experience in over dimensional transport throughout Australia and also experience in the mechanics of the equipment we use and build for a tailored solution.

Some of the more complex transport projects carried out include the off road transport of Hazelwood power station’s coal conveyor and head drive end sections, road transport of 3 of 5mx5m sections from Morwell to the Tullamarine Freeway to make up the yellow feature over the roadway, the movement of Baulderstones’ 100m launching truss for the City Link elevated roadways, regular movement of 160 tonne plus Transformers through undeveloped parts of outback Queensland and also the transport of various sized transformers into and out of the narrow streets of Central Sydney.

Some general over dimensional work has included the transport of replacement propellers for the Colins Class Submarine to Naval Bases throughout Australia, transport of the mobile cricket pitch to the MCG and Telstra Dome, transport of the MCG lightowers, transport of linking walkway over Lonsdale street for Melbourne Central, Melbourne’s new trains and trams, Portainer Cranes to Victoria Docks and also generator units to the Joint Defense Facility at Pine Gap Central Australia.

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Our company origins in the concrete industry with presence all over Australia and Tasmania have lead to our involvement in almost every major construction project in Melbourne …



ODLS spacious yard and recent acquisition of adjacent property gives us the ability to store and handle the items we move. We currently have 46 Transformers from 20T – 150T stored …

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Alternative to Cranes

An ideal alternative to mobile cranes where access for a mobile crane can be difficult or even impossible.

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We have the capability, expertise and equipment to jack and skate items from 1T to 500T

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Competitive for a 65-85T lift and as weights increase, they become the more time effective and less expensive option.

Trailer Loading

Our system is a one stop shop with the capability for a 200 tonne lift and the ability to set down the load directly onto a trailer.

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