How do I know whether my transport is heavy & over-dimensional haulage?


In Australia, there are several types of road haulage. There are a wide variety of trailers available for every cargo, starting with in gauge flatbed trailers – an open platform without a roof or sides and increasing in size and weight from here.

Each Australian Road Authority regulates a maximum dimension and weight to fall within the “In Gauge” transport envelope. Whether In Gauge or Oversize Overmass (OSOM), ODLS is an industry leader that you can rely on to thoroughly manage the permitting process and safely deliver oversized goods around Australia. It is our business to know whether your transport is OSOM and how to manage Australia wide permissions and transport.

Physically transporting oversized loads to their destination can be challenging. That’s why hiring a team of professionals from a reputable company is essential. The process is more than simply loading and securing a load in a vehicle. For instance, company drivers must understand the characteristics of all Overdimensional Routes throughout Australia. Careful choice of speed and location on the roadway will ensure the safe and undamaged delivery of your oversized cargo.

Having the right vehicle can mean the difference between a safe, legal and successful transport operation. ODLS has customized their fleet to ensure we are using the “right tool for the job” while being flexible in our thinking to enable the Transport of the unusual cargo. Our heavy rated prime movers enable oversized transport with fewer vehicles attached to the trailer, decreasing the overall dimensions and impact of the transit on other road users and the environment. By having the right vehicles, we can make your work easier, reduce lead times, and provide a more reliable service.

Like many road haulage companies ODLS have a wide range of options. Our fleet consists of escort and support cars, low loaders, platform trailers and the largest possible combination allowable on Australian roads – Beam or Girder Set transport.

For handling, loading and unloading ODLS can supply crane semis, crane trailers, manitous and mobile cranes.

In the end, it’s only experienced professionals like ODLS who can recommend the best solution for your transport needs. Their consideration is based on a range of factors such as the loads, distance and road conditions also incorporating years of experience to give you the most appropriate transport solution.

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