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Heavy Haulage Transport – Oversized loads All over Melbourne

At ODLS, we specialise in heavy transport, oversized loads and heavy haulage (often termed OSOM), based in Dandenong, Melbourne and working Australia wide.

truck carrying a large transformer

With our specialised fleet of vehicles, we can transport even the heaviest loads.

Our heavy haulage services have been used in some prominent projects over the years in Australia. We’ve transported air conditioning units to the Sydney Opera House, steel structures for the West Gate Bridge and Rod Laver Arena, concrete precast components for Flinders Street Underground Rail Terminal and Waverly Stadium and many more.

We aim to ensure that customers receive a reliable and transparent transport or project service. We are proud to say that organizing even the most challenging transport and logistics tasks is well within our capability.

In addition, our manufacturing capability enables us to adapt and modify our existing equipment to accommodate some of the unique transport requests we receive. We do what others cannot.

We Move Massive Loads

Our crew is a tightly-knit group of hard-working people who have moved many heavy and oversized loads, like transformers, trains, cranes, helicopters, and even zoo animals.

Some loads that we move:

  • Transformers, generators and accessories
  • Electrical switch rooms
  • Trams
  • Trains
  • Rail
  • Rail machines, wagons, locos
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Mining & Manufacturing Plant & Equipment
  • Bridge sections
  • Cranes
  • Helicopters, aircraft
  • Boats
  • Steel structures
  • Giraffe, landscaping rocks & zoo animals
  • Oversized Army equipment
  • Submarine propellors
  • ASIO sensitive oversized cargo
  • Oversized Road furniture such as signs
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Yellow feature block on Tullamarine freeway
  • Oversized Roadway art work

We are not limited to the above, so if you have anything to shift, just send us a quick message or call and we are sure we can help.


Industries We Worked With

We have worked with many industries over the years, and we continue to establish new partnerships with new industries. Adapting and growing to the changing and evolving business transport requirements, we provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Some industries that we have worked with include:

Our team is keen to discuss your transport needs, no matter the challenge or the industry.

Heavy Haulage

Why Choose Us

Unmatched capability

ODLS has a number of heavy rated prime movers and currently have the capability of transporting loads up to 400T.

Extensive plant range

We also have an extensive and diverse range of plant trailers available to complete complex tasks anywhere in Australia.

Customised plant trailers

Our manufacturing capability allows us to adapt or modify the existing plant for special purpose requirements.

Continual growth

This capability is increasing at a consistent rate and the limits are now becoming the physical dimensions of the loads to be moved.

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    ODLS is a reliable service provider in heavy haulage & relocation solutions across Australia


    What approvals are required for heavy haulage transportation
    Vital for heavy haulage in Australia, covering issuance, regulations, and legal compliance. Crucial for safe operations, considering infrastructure, road conditions, and regulatory approvals. Independent criteria from third parties affect travel approvals for oversized transport. Key for minimising errors in heavy haulage, requiring careful planning and approval.
    What Makes a Heavy Haulage Project Different From Regular Haulage - ODLS
    At a glance

    • Heavy haulage projects involve transporting oversized or overweight loads, requiring specialised equipment such as multi-axle trailers and hydraulic transporters.

    • Meticulous route planning is essential, considering factors like low bridges, weight restrictions, and road conditions to ensure safe transportation.

    • Compliance with permits and regulations is crucial to avoid costly delays, fines, and legal repercussions in heavy haulage projects.

    • Safety and risk management are paramount, demanding rigorous assessments and adherence to protocols to protect personnel, cargo, and infrastructure.

    Exploring Risk Management 5 Factors to Address with Your Heavy Haulage Company
    At a glance

    • Optimise movement through Melbourne with strategic route planning to enhance efficiency and minimise risks.

    • Ensure a reliable fleet with proactive maintenance, safeguarding cargo and maintaining transportation network integrity.

    • Excel in emergencies—swift response, minimising damages, and ensuring cargo arrives intact despite unexpected challenges.

    • Choose a partner with expertise in heavy lifting for the safe and secure relocation of oversized or fragile loads.

    At a glance

    • Avoid bottlenecks, evaluate road conditions, and plan alternative routes.

    • Guide to securing permits, understanding legal requirements, and ensuring compliance.

    • Criteria for choosing heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and gear.

    • Understand and implement safety regulations for oversized load transportation.