What if mobile cranes can’t access your equipment? Introducing, Jacking & Skating.


Article at a glance:

  • Importance of heavy loading solutions.
  • Limitations of mobile cranes.
  • Advantages of jacking and skating over cranes.

Across Australia, heavy lift solutions like mobile cranes are commonly used by the construction, manufacturing, mining, power and rail industries. While mobile cranes are an essential piece of machinery for various sectors, they are not a suitable solution for all scenarios – particularly if access proves to be difficult.

ODLS offers a complete package in oversized transport, with both loading & unloading capabilities. ODLS can provide up to 200T Mobile Cranes, and also cater to a variety of lift solutions including custom solutions.

Within the Power Industry, Transformer removal or placement within substations are often faced with the difficulty of overhead obstructions. This is where Jacking & Skating can become a more suitable solution for your heavy equipment relocation needs. ODLS assesses overhead clearances in conjunction with the project owner and generates a solution to satisfy Safe Approach Distances and physical limitations within the project location.

Similarily, when lifting a heavy load with limited space, cranes may not be the best solution – this is where the jacking and skating system offers a suitable alternative. At ODLS we have a comprehensive range of Jack and Skate equipment and the highly proficient staff to carry out the Heavy Lift of oversized loads. Our systems can move heavy, bulk items horizontally, vertically and rotate on a platform. ODLS has appropriate Jack & Skate systems to lift items from 1T – 500T.

In situations where temporary laydown is required, ODLS can also Jack onto an extensive range of Beam, Stool and Stand configurations. This provides a cost effective and convenient method to reload for the next transportation of a heavy load. Our platform trailer simply lowers the deck, backs under and uses trailer hydraulics to lift your heavy item off supports, ready for transport. This removes the need for Mobile cranes and also makes the process of loading and unloading safer for workers.

If the location or site cannot physically accommodate the capacity Mobile Crane required, Jacking & Skating is not only a more practical option, but safer as well. This approach is highly considered when lifting pieces of heavy equipment inside buildings or other tight spaces. It can also be very cost effective in remote locations and accommodates any requirement to lift a variety of loads.

Another appealing advantage of using Jacking and Skating services, is that it minimises the impact on other tasks within sites. The Jacks used are customisable and offer various configurations based on the operator’s or project’s needs. You can use it as a single device or multiple to carry your desired load. This is dependent on a number of factors.

ODLS pride themselves on providing an effective, tailored service to their clients. Their attention to detail and care on every project is what makes them one of the most reputable companies in the country. ODLS are dedicated to providing clients with solutions for their transport, logistics, construction, heavy lift and relocation needs.

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