How does ODLS create a custom service for your industry?


At a glance:

  • As part of ODLS’s commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide a level of service that exceeds expectations.
  • Our goal is to help people accomplish their goals when others are unable to. In the last ten years, we have handled many challenging custom solutions

Transportation is an essential part of everyday life for humans. The need for moving things has grown over time, and as transportation systems developed, they have become faster and more efficient.

ODLS provides end-to-end solutions to manage your equipment with minimal fuss and stress. Our fleet can transport a wide range of equipment types and sizes. Our haulage services include Power Transformers, rail, manufacturing equipment, and import and export.

Transportation is crucial to accessing resources, whether it is for individuals, businesses, or governments. A society cannot function optimally if the transport is not facilitated. Whether moving to work or traveling across the globe, being able to arrive on time or deliver diverse items is vital to overall productivity. For the entire world to advance, people, resources, jobs, and economies must move seamlessly.

As such, we provide a level of service that meets customers’ expectations. Providing cost effective solutions and project management, clear communications of delivery status, hot shot transport, and emergency mobilisation 24/7 are some of the primary facets we focus on to understand and meet our customers’ requirements.

Some of the custom services that we provide are:

Heavy Haulage:

We are heavy haulage experts. With a large fleet of vehicles capable of transporting heavy loads, we specialise in heavy plant and equipment transport and oversized cargo. Also, we’ve been a part of some amazing projects, with decades of haulage experience. As a company, we have transported Power Transformers to almost every substation in Australia, Oversized control rooms to the Melbourne Level Crossing Removal projects and equipment to assist in the transport of oversized components for the Metro and Westgate Tunnel projects.

Historically we have delivered air conditioning units to the Sydney Opera House, steel structures to the West Gate Bridge and Rod Laver Arena, and concrete precast components to the Flinders Street Underground Rail Terminal and Waverly Stadium.

Jacking and Skating:

Our strength lies in custom installation or removal of transformers inside buildings, or where limited space does not allow crane setup. To provide the best alternative to mobile cranes, we have a team of dedicated jacking and skating experts who are capable of lifting items weighing from 1 ton to 500 tons

Superload Beam Set Transport:

As the East coast of Australia has stringent restrictions on height, width, length, and weight, these configurations have tended to be on the East coast. As a fully bespoke service provider, we offer planning, analysis, transportation, and beam set configuration from start to finish all over Australia. Regardless of the weather or terrain conditions, all of our company drivers are confident and experienced in this work.

Transformers Transport:

Our specialists have developed expertise in transporting, loading, unloading, storing, delivering, and installing electrical transformers between 30 and 250 tonnes. With a large depot in Dandenong South, we are capable of storing transformers outdoors and offer the security of video surveillance. Our capacity to include assembling and dismantling transformers and accessories allows a complete solution to our valued customers. Thanks to induction and safety training with multiple external providers, our experts possess ESI (Electrical Supply Industry) training, High Risk licences and Company and site inductions with many sites and organizations.

Cranage Services:

A wide range of cranage services are available at ODLS in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Our experienced, dedicated staff can manage requirements for mobile cranes up to 200T. Apart from oversized transport, we are also able to provide load/unload services as well. With the same supplier handling both transport and cranage, customers can reduce their exposure to costly delays.

We offer custom lifting solutions, and our operators are ESI-trained for working in live electrical substations, and RIW-trained for working in rail corridors. The continuous training and inductions we provide to our staff empower us to deploy experienced labour to install transformers under manufacturers’ supervision.

Besides our enviable end to end capability, we can also adapt and modify our existing equipment to meet the needs of some of the unique transport requests we receive. We help people get the job done even when others won’t or can’t. Despite operating in a low-volume environment, we can boast administrative and operational experience second to none. We are one of few Australian-owned and operated businesses in this industry and take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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