Buronga Energy Connect Project


Client: Energy Connect
Dates: 2023
Requirements & Task: ODLS is proud to supply Heavy Haulage Transport services to the $1.8 billion EnergyConnect project at Buronga NSW.

This facility will allow energy to be shared between NSW, South Australia and Victoria for the first time and enable the connection of new renewable generation to support the nation’s clean energy future.

Over the next year ODLS will deliver five, three part Hyosung transformers made up of a 203T Series unit, a 170T Excitor and an 80T Reactor.

Permit phase for these transits approximately 6 months with council being heavy involved in the technical aspects of travel through their jurisdiction.

ODLS rose to the challenge of International Shipping, re-scheduling many third party bookings with changing vessel arrival dates, all while keeping the key stakeholders fully informed. Deliveries from Inner Harbour Port Adelaide commenced in May 2023, staging at the wharf before travelling approximately 850kms to site. The 203T Units spent almost 3 days on road using the approved route via Broken Hill and Silver City Highway to final destination at Buronga.
In addition to company owned transport equipment, the convoy also involved:

On road Overdimensional escorts two in SA & four in NSW
Police Escorts in SA & NSW
Overhead Power and railway supervision in SA & NSW
Temporary removal of road furniture
Short periods of Contra Flow travel (incorrect side of roadway) under Police control

The deliveries were executed safely and on schedule by our experienced and highly competent operators. A great outcome to the credit of the ODLS team.

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